Church Ministries

Saint Joseph Parish Mission Statement
The mission of St. Joseph’s Church is to assist all parishioners
in the growth of holiness through the sacramental life of the Church. This mission includes the resources to educate and practice our catholic faith, traditions, values, and teachings with our parishioners, to be an exemplary model of Catholicism in our Community, and to support the efforts of our Diocese to meet the spiritual needs of Wyoming Catholics.

Parish Council
In accordance with Canon Law 536, a Parish Council is "consultative only" in nature. We counsel and make recommendations regarding: parish priorities, long and short term goals, policies and other parish-wide concerns. The council is composed of the Pastor and seven (7) elected members. To be elected to this council, the minimum age requirement is eighteen years, a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic, in good standing with the Church, registered and a supporting member of the parish, participate in parish life and have an understanding of and commitment to the Church in accord with Vatican II.
Linda Schwope
Jodi Baxendale
Jesse Martinez
Angel Montanez
Karen Wardell
Susan Green
Christina Luna